Executive suite and video conference

Organize your executive meetings in a dedicated suite with the latest video-conferencing equipment.

  • Area of 34 square meters
  • Capacity of 16 people or 7 for a video conference
  • Air conditioning Air conditioning
  • Acoustic treatment Acoustic treatment
  • Acoustic treatment Acoustic treatment
  • Disabled access Disabled access
  • Natural light Natural light
  • Video projector Video projector
  • Flat screens Flat screens

En option :

  • Coffee break Coffee break
  • Restaurant service Restaurant service
  • Luggage service Luggage service
  • Concierge service Concierge service

Sometimes a particular and private place is needed to enter into some contracts of major importance or to arrange special meetings. Confidentiality and services are the keys to success.


We provide you with our pleasingly proportioned and fully equipped executive room that will allow you to organise your on-the-spot meetings as well as to be connected to your teams in France or abroad through our video conference system.

I wish to have the video conference option
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