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Do you need any further information from the staff of Maison de l’Alsace?

We will be happy to help. Please fill in the form or contact us directly on

  • +33 (0)1 53 83 10 10

Opening hours

Monday to Friday
from 8.30a.m. to 6.30p.m.


39 avenue des Champs-Élysées
75008 PARIS

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  • 1Corinne BERTHOU

    2Olivier PHAM DUY

    3Dominique FORMHALS

  • 4Marion PALLUAU

    5Bernard KUENTZ

    6Marie GUERRA

  • 7Pierre LOEB

    8Christian AUTRUC


Email us at: info@maisonalsace.paris or resa@maisonalsace.paris

For further information or to reserve the event space, please contact Marie GUERRA and Olivier PHAM-DUY.
For any enquiry or reservation regarding the business centre, contact Corinne BERTHOU and Sarah NARODETZKI.